Erick Lewis

Erick is 21 years old and a phenom totaling 2303 in sleeves/2325 in wraps. His sleeve total is already the 7th highest total in sleeves ever. A Flint, MI native, Erick is an amazing young man with a bright future.

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Chloe Lansing

Chloe defines our catch phrase “Success Over Swagger” with her quiet demeanor, tremendous work ethic, textbook form & strength. She currently sits at #3 all time Raw w/ Wraps in the women’s 148lb. class! Chloe trains at the Anvil Gym, lives in Cedar Rapids, IA with her fiancé and two bulldogs,and owns her own business as an Equine Massage Therapist.

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Stefi Cohen

Stefi is a 25x world record holding powerlifter in the 114, 123 and 132 lb. weight classes (raw and with wraps) and currently has the 3rd best DOTS Score of any athlete, all time. As co-owner of Hybrid Performance Method in Miami, FL, she is also an Exercise Physiologist and a Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Ken McClelland

Ken competes in the world of Strongman. As owner of the Anvil Gym in Cedar Rapids, IA, Ken has world championships, national titles and podium finishes in world level Strongman competitions in the Masters division. Ken was a state champion wrestler, University of Arizona football player, MMA fighter and is one of the top strength coaches in America.

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Kody Blazek

Kody may be the best powerlifter you’ve never heard of. Currently sitting at #1 all time in the 181 lb. weight class (raw and with wraps), he was the first person in history to total 2000 the 181 lb. class. Kody resides outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa with his family and works full time while training at the Anvil Gym.

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Jamal Browner

Jamal is known for his mind-blowing deadlifts but is a star in the 242 lb. raw full power class with a 2182.5 lb. ATWR total to place him 1st all time in sleeves. With a 971lb. ATWR deadlift and pulling over 1000 the gym, he is redefining what is possible every time he steps up to the bar. Residing in Marietta, GA, he is a college student and trains out of Marietta Barbell.

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James “SWIMHACK” Strickland

While James is known as a bench press specialist with a raw bench of 672.4 lbs. in competition, he is also a full power athlete with a huge 2183 lb. sleeves total that is only rising. A former star swimmer, Navy veteran, and football player, James is very well rounded. Residing outside of the Houston area, James is a family man, community volunteer and expert web designer.

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Leroy “The Machine” Walker

Leroy is a bench press specialist, incline bench specialist, coach and motivator extraordinaire. With a competition bench best of 675 lbs.and Gym best of 710 lbs., he is one of strongest bench pressers in America to this day. A multisport athlete in his youth, Leroy was always a bench press phenom, benching 489 lbs. raw at 19 years old! Leroy lives in Austin, TX and trains out of Big Tex Gym.

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Dani Melo

Dani is a superstar 84kg.lifter in the USAPL/IPF. At 21 years old, she has already stacked her resume with multiple world records and isa 3 time IPF World Champion/Medalist! Dani lives between Washington DC and Miami, and attends college.

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Julius Maddox

Julius is undeniably the world’s best bench presser. He has redefined what is humanly possible with a current raw, world record bench of 770lbs. It is not a question IF he benches an unthinkable 800 lbs., just when. Residing in Kentucky, he is a family man, man of God, and motivator. This gentle giant gives back to the community and trains out of Iron Edge Gym and East Race Muscle.

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