Competition Bench Press

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This is where our journey started. When asked to build a competition bench for the Anvil Gym in Iowa, we set out to build the best bench we possibly could. This exact bench is used by elite lifters and distinguished customers, such as the all time best raw bencher, Julius Maddox, 25x world record powerlifter Stefi Cohen at Hybrid Performance Method Gym in Miami, Florida, United Powerlifting Association Iowa, Meg Gallager, and Matt Hadden at Pioneer Belts in Texas just to name a few.


  • Patent-pending Ghost Return Roller Bar Supports
  • Bulletproof Frame made from 3/16” thick wall tubing
  • Large, rock solid spotter platform
  • Standard adjustable safety spotter arms
  • Band pegs
  • 1-1/2 thick two stage pad with 1” thick stiffer bottom layer and ½” thick softer top layer for support and sink-in. Covered with black gripper vinyl
  • Composite material bar saver on the back of the bar support (black)
  • Two material options for the Ghost Return Roller
    • Composite material (black) that’s both durable and easy on your bar finish or
    • Medium Carbon Steel that is hardened and Silicone Carbide Coated for maximum strength and durability. The steel option comes with a lifetime warranty. The silicon carbide coating has a hardness of 9 on a scale where diamond is a 10
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Your choice of colors on main frame, safety spotter arms and bar uprights
  • Large customizable logo panel

Additional information

Weight680 lbs
Dimensions66 × 56 × 42 in