Combo Comp PR


Combo Comp PR with Fusion Insert
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A lightweight rack isn’t worth a damn though if it won’t hold serious weight.  So we tested it up to 520kg (1,144 lbs) and only saw .070” of deflection (70/1000ths) across the main back tube.  This on a rack that has a finished weight of 286 lbs.

To make the life of a user, gym owner or meet director easier, we’ve always engineered our combo racks to be completely tool-less.  No tools required for assembly, no tools required to convert from bench to squat and no tools required to disassemble.  Leave the toolbox and your frustrations at home.  Additionally, although every other part of our combo is completely different, we have matched the ER combo exactly on hole positions.  This means that if you know your rack and safety height on ER Equipment, you know them on Ghost Strong combo racks.  Easier for the lifter, easier for meet directors, and easier for everyone to phase in Ghost Strong combos into their gym or meet.

Like all Ghost Strong products, we obsess about the quality we put into our Combo “Comp PR”.  From inception, through 3D design, fabrication, finishes and final assembly, we want our products to stand out above the rest.  Yes, that ads cost, it ads time, but if your gym is going to have a piece of equipment for years and years, your lifters deserve it.  Value shows up in your bottom line over the long haul, not just in saving a buck on the initial purchase.

We’ve never liked the old slip collar design for combo racks for in/out rack positions, even on our own original combo.  We wanted to re-think the entire thing with a clean sheet of paper and come up with something better.  A tighter design, something easier to adjust, and something that just didn’t look so clunky.  A lot of thought was put into our Patent Pending joint/cam adjustment system, and our customers love it.

Ghost Strong Combo “HD” Features:

  • Smaller Squat and Bench specific stainless steel rollers on the 4 rack points
  • Patent Pending Joint/Cam Design
  • 11 Ga. Wall Tubing
  • Lightweight Dual Stage Pad with Gripper Cover
  • Tool-Less Design
  • Laser Cut Numbers
  • Exact ER upright and safety heights
  • Wood lined uprights for quicker pin adjustments
  • Bench is on wheels and will come out the front OR the back

Standard Price means basic single-stage powder coat colors.  For Multi-stage coating processes and wraps, additional costs will apply.

Additional information

Weight400 lbs
Dimensions34 × 56 × 28 in