Our Company

Our Story

Ghost Strong began with a simple idea – how to improve J-Cups, the apparatus that holds a barbell. These are something that all lifters use every day, but don’t really think about. At Ghost Strong, we DO think about that kind of thing, and we wanted a better system. We wanted to create a J-Cup that would allow the bar to be exactly where it should be, every time, without effort. As a result, the Ghost Return Roller was born.


Prior to the Ghost Return Roller, we dabbled in building pieces of strength training equipment. When we had the chance to build a prototype competition bench press for the Anvil Gym in Iowa, we sought to build the best bench we possibly could. To make the best bench, however, it had to have the best way to position the bar because every good lift starts with proper bar placement and that is precisely when we thought of the patent pending Ghost Return Roller. If the bar is in the right place, the lifter is in a better position, is tighter, and can lift more weight. Period.

J-Cup with custom color (misty black cherry) mounted on a stainless steel rack

Our Name

Why the name Ghost Strong? Ghost Strong isn’t about talking, or selfies, or blabbing about your lifts and how you are a savage for Instagram. Ghost Strong represents setting your goals, keeping your mouth shut, and working your ass off until you can prove it when it counts. Our Powerlifting and Strongman equipment represents the absolute best possible quality we can provide to customers. It is not the cheapest because there are plenty of “those guys” around. We want to be THE best, with THE highest quality, and make YOU the strongest. If you want the best, and reaching your goals is more important to you than telling your “friends” on social media about them, come with us. Exist Greatly.

Our Team

People. Pride. Professionalism. A lot goes into making quality equipment. The people behind Ghost Strong are over 75 employees that work together to make our customers happy. Hand built in our 50,000 sq ft shop, Ghost Strong Equipment is a new passion for us, but the skills required were honed in metalwork and design with over 120 years in business. As a sibling company to Ghost Strong, Ghost Strong Gear is focused on creating functional and stylish apparel and accessories to market our brand. Ghost Strong Gear can be found at www.ghoststronggear.com.

A photo of the Chost Strong Team